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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trip to Chicago

To celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary, Anna and I went to Chicago to see Jersey Boys. We left Alex with our friends, Gosia and Lester, and spent another hour in the car maneuvering through traffic on I-94.

We had very high hopes for this show, but ended up very disappointed with the voice of the actor who played Frankie Valli. When I've heard the actor singing the opening song, I thought it was a joke. All I could think was Chipmunks singing Christmas songs. It was a very nasal voice trying to mimic Valli. Bummer.

Oh well, we still had fun at the show, especially Anna. She really like the cute guy who played Tommy DeVitto. His name is Michael Cunio and he is a front man of the alternative rock band Reckless Place. Check it out. They just released their first album. It grows on me.

Next morning, after shooting Lester's remodeling job of McDonalds in Aurora until 3:30 am, we ventured into his yard. I snapped some pictures of Lester, his girls and Alex. My favorite is the image below with the girls on the swing.
The Girls

Greta was pretty shy and little bit afraid of me, but she kept getting in front of the camera. Here she is in the center with Alex and Natalia standing.




Lester with Greta. Nice muscle btw.